How to create income online to (re)start your life (especially for people over 50)

It is an interesting time we are living in right now. With the world virtually locked down due to the ongoing Covid 19 virus pandemic, every day seems to set new records for jobs lost which has resulted in a significant rise of unemployment levels.

The world is changing drastically right before our eyes. My guess is that in a year from now, our accepted daily “norms” will look very different.

Many companies are now filing for bankruptcy or even worse, announcing their inability to reopen.  As a result, many of us are going to find new ways to create income for ourselves and our families. This will be even more paramount if there is another outbreak of the virus, as is expected in the fall. As many businesses will not survive many people will be permantly displaced. For a large number of people, especially those over 50, it could or will require reinventing yourself.

If you’re in this age group, you know that finding a job is not easy anyways, even in good times. Most of the good jobs, or jobs with a potential future will go to younger people. While they lack experience, for many of them they have an advantage in that they likely have a different or more intricate relationship with the online world then do people over 50.

Folks, it has never been more important in recent times to learn to be self-sufficient and one way to do this is to learn to create a livable income via opportunities provided online.

For many people, especially over 50, it may or will likekly require learning new skills. For example, personally, while I have heard of online platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. – well, I’ve never been on them and in reality they don’t have any pull for me. I also virtually never use the pervasive or maybe invasive “Facebook”, as it can become a huge time waster. I also don’t like the effect it can have on users, especially the younger generations.

Yet, I know if I want to be successful online, I’m going to have to adopt or at least learn these various platforms to be successful. Looking at the prospect of our ongoing employment issues and looking for ways to supplement income or limitied pensions, I know in this changing world that we must adapt to it.

So, folks, my friend Peter and me, both over 50, we have launched this project and website as part of the process to reinvent ourselves as online business entrepreneurs.

We also understand that there are many people in the same boat as we are.

So we want to also help you as is likely you’re going to need to find a new source of income as this pandemic continues.

We created this blog as we thought it can be a great opportunity to share our experiences as we reinvent ourselves. We are going to share what works and what doesn’t work. We will share insights into obstacles we come upon we come upon and also how we overcame them.

We are doing this so that you can benefit from our experience and also help you to expedite a transition in your own life.

The share little bit about us, both Pete and I have significantl business experience, with projects all around the world and have worked with some of the largest companies in their fields.

We have both started companies, had employees and also raised considerable amounts of money to support our endeavors. We have operated both domestically in North America, as well as internationally. Peter has considerable experience with computers, whereas with my background is more in raising money and the mining sector.

Welcome to viral!! Here is to making this profitable for us all.