Making money online 2020 – How to begin

Sometimes when starting a business you can miss what you are aiming for. This is why it is especially important to learn and master the fundamentals – this includes mastering yourself. Far too often the biggest obstacle to our own success – is ourselves. If you are interested in making money online in 2020, you will need to master the fundamentals.

Making money online 2020 is what this blog is all about

We believe that there was never a better or more needed time than now to learn the needed skills to be successful online then master these skills. This is especially important under the current global environment as the economy has shed millions of jobs, many of which will never return as a byproduct of the ongoing pandemic.

The pandemic has in many ways changed people’s habits and required a shift in perspectives. As shopping centers and stores are closed, more and more people are turning to the Internet to meet their various needs. While a large number of physical businesses have closed, many people who have businesses on line are thriving.

At, we will discuss various methods for making money online 2020. We have looked at a lot of different options and will share our insights and experiences. Over time, we will dig down into the various opportunities.

“The Longer you’re not making action, the more money you are losing” Carrie Wilkerson

Please understand that there are many options available to you where you can create a viable passive income, if you learn what to do and then apply yourself until you are successful. Some of these include:

  1. Creating an online store to sell your own products,
  2. digital publishing of books you write or hire others to write,
  3. creating and selling audio books,
  4. creating your own trainings,
  5. selling physical products on platforms like Amazon and Walmart, etc.

To begin, we will be focusing on Affiliate Marketing.

Making money online 2020 with Affiliate Marketing

Basically with Affiliate marketing, you find a product or service and get it in front of as many people as you can. This could be physical products such as those sold by Amazon, Walmart, etc, or other products like digital courses which are offered on various platforms such as Clickbank.

When someone buys something that you have put in front of them by pushing your affiliate link, you get paid. The good news is that it doesn’t require buying or creating a product form scratch. With affiliate marketing, someone else has already done the hard part.

The good part is that there are lots of products and services out there where you can become an affiliate marketer. Also good news is that depending on the offering, the commissions can be quite decent, 50% or even more of the sales prices. If you are selling a $1000 product your commission on one sale could be as high as $500. You can see that it doesn’t take alot of sales to start making good money.

Unfortunately, a lot of people starting out began by signing up with Amazon. Amazon pays very small commissions and there are lots of better places to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Another good point is that you can find lots of products and services to sign up for.

Some Challenges of Affiliate Marketing

Like anything it requires learning some new skills. IN the case of the affiliate marketing, yo will have 3 main challenges

  1. Finding and screening good products to market
  2. Mastering both free and paid advertising in order to be profitable
  3. Honing your copy writing skills
  4. Staying motivated until you succeed
making money online 2020 can be done from virtually anywhere

Remember, you income can be limited by a few things:

  • your learning curve
  • your tenacity to overcome any obstacles you come up against,
  • to a degree by the money you bring to the table as you will need some money for paid ads,
  • Like anything, you have to begin if you want to be successful!!

Here’s to your great success!!!!