One of the amazing things about us humans is our incredible inner power to create change. Change can come in many variations and at a variety of levels. This could be personal or even at a global level.

Yes, we don’t always create change easily. As we are basically creatures of habit, for most people it can require some form of (intense) motivation. In many instances, people finally open themselves to change as the result of increasing levels of outside pressure. This in turn can create growing levels of awareness. These 2 factors come together to awaken our inner power needed to create change.

Yet, know that if you have these two 2 factors in hand (motivation and awareness), that you can virtually facilitate any needed changes in your life (or even in the world.) As you make lasting changes you will realize that you are a lot stronger than you ever envisioned.

Sometimes the needed changes are small. This might be something as simple as a new wardrobe. Sometimes the changes are huge!. This could be motivated by events such as overcoming a life-threatening disease or even the results or aftereffects of war.

Understanding Underlying Issues Regarding Creating Change

In a couple of recent blogs on (See Here),  we discuss the concept of “beliefs. We share information on what they are, how we all take them on and why many times they simply don’t serve us.

In simple terms, your beliefs run you in a similar way that software runs on a computer. Your beliefs control what you do and can also limit what you do, Sometimes making real change requires challenging and even replacing old beliefs.

Something I find ironic is that while we humans are careful about the software we install on a $300 computer, yet most of the beliefs you have, or that we instill in children are beliefs that are really installed in a virtually semi-random process. A lot of the fundamental beliefs you got came from your family members. They in essence installed their likely generational beliefs into you. The rest came from your surroundings, such as school friends, country values, etc.

As a side thought, have you ever questioned where all these people in your life got their beliefs? Do those beliefs even work for the people to give them to you?

A good book on Beliefs is Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Beliefs found here

Our Lives on Autopilot

In general, like most people, it is likely you’ve spent most of your life in some form of autopilot. In general, we stay there until something happens and awakens us. This is when we begin to challenge our beliefs. Or even becoming aware of the beliefs we have.

For the most part, our beliefs reside in the background, below conscious thought. So here’s a question: – do you believe your beliefs are accurate and should be followed? If you like most people, unconsciously think these beliefs are the “TRUTH” and as such, they are written in stone.

Unfortunately, in most cases, our beliefs can stop us from making meaningful changes. Most people don’t start challenging their beliefs until they reach some threshold usually of discomfort. Mostly it is associated with some growing level of pain.

Unfortunately, in the current state of the world’s level of “consciousness,”  the only time most people learn about the real power of our minds, especially our ever-important “subconscious” mind, is when a person’s whole world is crashing and falling apart around us.

Most people don’t even consider change because most people think that their lives are okay – if something isn’t working it means somebody else needs to change. Until the universe slaps us hard enough to wake us up we can hide in this illusion. But when you start to facilitate change for whatever reason it is when you realize just how powerful you are and how much strength you really have facilitated change can create the life you want.

So my friend, where are you with this process? Do you ever wonder about the beliefs that run you and where you got them? If you don’t have the results you want, it’s generally because there is some belief running in the background that is stopping you!

Pain/Poor Results Can Be Our Biggest Drivers Facilitating / Driving us to Change

In some ways, pain and hardship can be a gift. Sometimes our struggles can bring out a powerful ability to create change. For many people, this is the first time that they start to challenge how they live their life and start asking the great question of why: Why am I doing this? Am I capable of a lot more? What’s really holding me back?

Again the pain can be the facilitator of amazing changes, and bring the best out of you! Don’t you find sometimes it’s the discomfort you go through that really wakes you up as you try something different? Many people need some level of discomfort to wake up to the fact that their life is not working the way that is and to take the change process seriously.

For example, When do most people look at the change in their diet-usually when the clothes don’t fit order on the receiving end of less than flattering comments. When do we stop eating candies and chocolates? Again when there’s enough pain, in this case when our dental bills start to skyrocket. When do many people face her addictions to say cigarettes/alcohol- When our lungs have gone bad, diagnosis of cancer, piling the car into a telephone pole etc. when do we pray and ask for help? When they realize that there going to die sooner than we expected and we don’t want to!.

Change Needs to Happen IF You Want A Better Quality of Life!

My friend, change is going to and will happen, like it or not. Again, just look at all the changes that happened over the last year or so in response to the recent pandemic. Our way of living was upturned overnight.

Many times our stress levels continue to build, as they try to tell us that we need to make some changes in our lives. It is like some higher intelligence is trying to get our attention, that we need to challenge long-standing beliefs and make some changes.

At one point or another, we are all going to experience different turning points in our life – and we are all going to eventually unlock our self-improvement power, not because the world says so, not because our friends are nagging us, or more importantly, deep inside ourselves, we realize that we need to make some changes, that it’s for our own good.

The good news is that if you are reading this post, it is likely that you have reached a state of awareness where you want to understand more. It is also likely that you want to give your life an upgrade so that you can fully create the life you want in this lifetime.

The real key is to start with clear goals pertaining to what you want. Then work to achieve those goals. In the process look for beliefs that are working against you getting what you want. For example, let’s say that one of your goals is: “I want to be a millionaire.” While working to achieve this goal, you discover that you have an underlying belief that “money is evil.” Well, this could be a problem. You have to change the underlying belief.

The World Has To Change OR Do You? Or do you Hang Onto Old Beliefs / Behaviours!

As the world is changed and is given us more time than we can avail ourselves of self-reflection. For most people, at some point, if we are at least somewhat self-aware, we reach a point in our life when where, for whatever reason, we are ready for change and in many cases, it is driven by a realization that we need to do something different if we want a different result.

And a whole bunch of information that will help us unlock our self-improvement power. Until then, something can be staring us right under our nose but we don’t see it.  The only time we think of unlocking our self-improvement power is when everything got worst.

If you want to change a belief, a good place to start is that change can be incredibly empowering.  Successful people don’t just accept change, they embrace it. As you increase your awareness you don’t have to feel increasing levels of pain before realizing the need to kick in your power of self-improvement. 

Unlocking your self-improvement power means unlocking yourself from the cage/prison of thought that you have long been making excuses for. WHAT some level you have known something was missing or you needed to do something differently!

When you are ready for change you know that you need to do something in lines of thinking, such as: “it’s just the way I am”. It is such a poor excuse for people who fear and resist change. Most of us program our minds like computers.

Three sessions in a week at the gym would result in a healthier life, reading books instead of looking at porn will shape up a more profound knowledge, going out with friends and peers will help you take a step back from work and unwind. 

Self-improvement may not be everybody’s favourite word, at least initially. For most people, there is comfort in the “known” way of being. But if you look at things from a different point of view, you might have greater chances of enjoying the whole process instead of counting the days until you are fully “improved.”  Ha, ha, by the way, there is no such thing, change is forever ongoing.  

Your Brave New World

And just when you are enjoying the whole process of unlocking your self-improvement power, you’ll realize that you’re beginning to take things much easier and lighter and become a lot happier.

You also realize that there is a whole new world out there something that you have been totally unaware of. This can be incredibly exciting and empowering!

It just requires taking the first step.

Set some goals as to what you want!!

Welcome to We are dedicated to helping you to be successful.

15 Great Alternative Ways to Make Money

Are you looking for Alternative ways to make money

Alternative ways to Make Money – Introduction

More and more people are looking for great alternative ways to make money instead of getting a job. Are you one of them? Do you want to find other ways to make money to create income or financial freedom?

Although it might not be as easy as some scam-based websites or internet Gurus make it seem if you are willing to do the work, there are many other ways to make money available to you.

Understand that you will go through a learning curve and will make some rookie mistakes, but if you stick with it, you should succeed.

Basically, the more you do, the more it will pay off. A great thing is that once you get going you can even earn money while you sleep!

To help you on your journey, to find alternative ways to make money, here is a list of interesting ways to make money, both on and offline.

1) Become an Affiliate Marketer

What this means is that you make money by recommending products or services to others and when they buy, you make a commission.  This could be from Companies like Amazon who only pay a 2 – 4% commission to digital products which can pay as much as 50+%

Did you know that there are millions of affiliate marketers out there, making commissions by sending people to buy items through their referral links? Many, many businesses have an affiliate program, Pretty much any big store you can think of – Amazon, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us etc. – has an affiliate program.

So, if you have an interest in a particular niche like gardening or knitting, why not start a blog about your hobby? People will love the free information, and you can make money from the website by referring your favorite products to your readers. This is not a super quick way to make money, but it can be well worth it over the long term.

You can find a great and inexpensive course to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing here

2) Become a “Content creator”

Content is really what the Internet is about. If there was nothing there, you or anybody else it wouldn’t go there.  Just for a second, reflect on all the websites that you visit on a daily basis. You are going there for the information is available on the site.

Basically, that information did not fall from the sky. Somebody had to create that information! Now, it will take time to build up your expertise. The trick is to begin. Start writing a blog or piece of content once a day. Build up your experience and relationships and this will open up many doors for you going forward.

To begin you could become a “ghostwriter”. What this means is that website owners will hire you to write for their sites, and you won’t get a byline on the content. This might seem bad, but it’s the biggest market for writers just starting out. Try looking at sites “loDesk” or “Freelancer”  as a place to find projects to work on.

3) “Fill-in” Surveys

Many people don’t realize that they can get paid to fill in surveys. The surveys will range in complexity and time required, and payouts will also vary between survey providers. Although it won’t earn you mega-bucks, you can make a nice side income filling in surveys for various companies online.

Whatever you do, make sure you read reviews of any website promising to pay you for surveys. Usually, a detailed Google search will let you know if the website really is legitimate or not.

Check out this link to 17 best places to take paid online surveys

4) Self Publish a Book

Self-publishing has never been easier than it is today. There are a number to take a book of your creation and then get it published online.

By now, most people have heard of books like space Fifty Shades of Grey which was a self-published book series that went on to be made into a movie! In fact, many, even short books published online have provided the author with financial wealth. My friend, this could be you all you need to do is come up with a good idea, write out the book and then market it on various online


A good tried and true place to start is “Amazon Kindle. ” the largest provider of electronic books, both written and audible, representing virtually every genre. As a result, is never been easier than now to self-publish. This can be a great way to monetize a hobby, write about something you care about or know about. The good thing is there are many articles online you can refer to

Here is a link to wikiHow explaining the process

5) Earn “Cashback!”

If you regularly shop for goods and services using the internet, did you know that you could earn some extra cash from the things you would usually buy anyway? Simply purchase your items through a cashback website!

How do these sites work? Well, the owners of the sites get a commission every time you buy through their affiliate links. They pass some of this commission onto you as an incentive for you to use their links. It’s a win-win situation!

20 best cashback sites

6) De-clutter your home by selling excess items online

Although you won’t be able to rely on this moneymaking method forever, selling things you no longer want is a great way to bring in some quick cash. People are always looking for bargains on sites like and

So, if you want to clear your house out anyway, why not make some money doing it? This way, everyone wins!

7) Sell Your Arts and Crafts

If you are good with your hands in our talented making arts and crafts such as woodworking, jewelry, creating desirable home furnishings, or anything else arty or crafty, there is a good opportunity to sell these products online. You could either create your own website or self through another site such Etsy and move onto your own website once you establish a customer base.

Currently, the Arts and Crafts movement is finding considerable interest on the internet. Additionally, people are willing to pay a little extra to buy items that are unique, which is why websites such as have become so popular.

8) Enroll in on-line “Competitions”

There are a large number of websites out there dedicated to collating various competitions. Why not spend 30 minutes a day taking part in competitions where cash is the main prize?

You might not believe it but some people are “professional” competition winners. They spend a fixed amount of time entering competitions each day and statistics mean that they end up winning a few of them! Even if you end up winning items that you don’t want, you can then sell them on eBay for cold, hard cash! Check out possibilities here:

9) Sell Your Photos

Do you have a good eye for photography? Even better do you have hard drives filled with beautiful photographs? You can try earning some money from your hobby! Although the pay isn’t always large, you can make money selling your photos onto stock photography websites like iStockPhoto.

Of course, if your photos are really good then you can create and sell prints for a larger sum of money. Know in advance that that field is extremely competitive, so you probably shouldn’t set your sights too high when you’re just getting started! Once you get a reputation, this could easily change!

10) Think of Something You Can Do for $5

Do you have skills that you don’t use very much? More importantly, do you think you have skills such as design work, where you could create products or services that you think people would pay $5 for? If you do this would be great!

You could sign up to and start making some cash! This is a great place for people to start out in their money-making journey. A number of people have started out on Fiverr, only to find themselves with a thriving business.

For some ideas, have a browse around what’s for sale on the websites. Some people create graphics, other people send postcards, others will make videos, and so on. No idea is too small for Fiverr! Check out Fiverr here:

11) Become a Video Blogger (Vlogger)

Have you ever watched people talking on camera on YouTube?  Have you ever asked yourself if you would be comfortable in front of the camera? Do you think you could do it? Do you have topics or a message that you want to talk about or a message that you want to share?

If you are comfortable with this idea, then why not consider becoming a video blog or yourself? As long as you’ve got a way to entertain people then you can grow a following. This might mean you keep a video diary to tell people about your super-awesome life, or you might be someone who has no trouble making someone laugh. Whatever your talent, use it to your advantage.

An advantage of building a following on YouTube is that once you meet the minimum audience requirements you can join the YouTube Partner Program. This means that YouTube will include ads on your videos. The more people that see these ads, the more money you’ll make! As with creating a popular website, this is going to take time, but it can pay off if you’re dedicated.

We can find more information here:

12) Buy and Sell Domain Names

A while back I had a friend of mine register thousands of domains when the world was starting on the renewable energy path. He saw the future trend and being passionate about this industry he started tying up all domain names that he could get his hands that related to this topic. Basically, if it related to renewable energy, at one point he likely owned the domain. Well, he was then able to sell many of these domain names at a considerable profit.

If you can come up with ideas or trends then start looking for domain names you can tie up. Hopefully, you can register some great domain name combinations that will rise in demand and then sell these to people who didn’t think of the idea quickly enough themselves.

In the early stages especially, the main names are very cheap to buy, especially if nobody has registered them yet. Additionally, there are a number of providers such as or which will that’ll let you register a domain for periods of a year or more. If you can spot a great trend and a company is desperate to get their hands on the domain of words, you could end making a hefty return! The better you are predicting trends the better you will do with this idea.

13) Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re an organized person, then why not become someone’s assistant? The internet now makes it possible for people to work remotely, and this includes personal assistants. No longer do people need to hire people to come into a physical office – they can hire assistants online to take care of things for them from the other side of the world.

You get to choose the hourly rate, and you can market your assistant services on websites like This can become a well-paid, full-time job.

14) Sell T-Shirts online (including your own designs)

Over the past few years, there is been a growing craze sweeping the online money world… that is selling T-shirts online! Thanks to websites like, it’s easy to create your own T-shirt design and sell it for a nice chunk of cash.

If you want to sell your own designs you can find a website that will host your T-shirt for you, so you won’t even need to create and run an online store. While this means that you will only earn a percentage of the cost of each T-shirt, some marketers doing this have been earning lots of money, especially when they create a trending and catchy design.

15) Create a Kickstarter Campaign

There are many ways to raise money for online projects. Recently people are finding that if they have a “passion” project that needs funding to get off the ground, can be a great solution.  Kickstarter allows you to upload the details of your project, along with a preset funding goal. Then visitors to the  website can choose which causes they think are worthy of a donation.

All you need to do is to go to the site to get inspiration and ideas.  Understand that it is not always the “biggest” ideas that get the largest response. People have raised money for a wide variety of projects on there. You never know what could happen!

16) Become an Extreme “Couponer”

This idea is more about saving money than it is about making money.

You’d be surprised at how many stores put out special coupons offering discounts on products you were likely you going to buy anyways. It just takes a bit of time to search around to, see who is offering what. Many times you can find his coupons when you enter a store and they don’t cost you anything. This idea is really more of a bonus in a way of making money online.

There are lots of great alternative ways to make money – both online and off

Closing Thoughts

These aren’t the only ways to make your first outside of a job, either on or offline, but they still work and many people have found success with these market segments. You just have to find the one that’s right for you!

As with anything, results can vary and will really depend on the amount of effort you put into the project. It’s well worth checking these out if you want extra cash and don’t want to work for Walmart! Etc.  Who knows, you might even find a whole new career and way of life for yourself!

Good luck but remember most of all,

Welcome to We are dedicated to helping you to be successful.